‘The Long White Cloud’ was commissioned by Te Tuhi Exhibition Space as a three-part project and was rehearsed, staged, filmed and installed in Auckland, New Zealand in the summer of 2013. The three parts of the project were: 1. Open rehearsals and film shoot 2. A live performance of the rehearsed scenes 3. An installation containing the edited film, shown backstage, as well as the debris left over from the live performance.

The work is informed by a series of interrelated enquiries including an attempt to find solidarity between the national and the individual, a search for clarity in a ‘post-race’ culture as it supposedly exists in the U.S. and New Zealand today, to question what is such a culture and what does it feel like? It also explores the impossibility of truly connecting to another’s situation or history.

William Pope.L is a faculty member at the University of Chicago’s Department of Visual Arts and the recipient of many prestigious grants and awards, including the Guggenheim Fellowship, NEA fellowships, and the USA Fellowship in Visual Arts. He has shown his work at The Project in New York and Los Angeles, and was included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial. He is perhaps best known for his provocative performances, such as ATM Piece, and his decades-long series of crawls across New York City, commemorated in eRacism, a retrospective which showed at several prominent museums and galleries. The Black Factory, his most recent project, toured the East Coast and the Midwest.