I wanted to explore the materiality of the digital image and the idea of time unfolding on to itself. A fixed GoPro camera is placed on a bicycle that loops on a velodrome track on the Southside of Chicago. The audio captures the race and neighborhood sounds as the image is broken up into frames. Three lines emerge slightly revealing the location. It was the speed, color and form of this movement that first drew me into the racetrack. By fragmenting the image with the computer I was able to suspend time while keeping a forward motion: joining and cutting; collage vs. montage; spatial vs. parallel are all editing techniques that are brought to light and juxtaposed. The image is not a cell which when aligned to another in linear motion creates a new meaning, but instead one image is fragmented by horizontal cropped cuts of the same image. It is the movement and stillness of the one shot unfolding onto itself which composes a shifting duality––fragmentation and interconnectedness of place within compressed points of time. 

L’alterità e il paesaggio: i film sperimentali di Marco G. Ferrari, Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome, Italy, May 30, 2017, solo screening with a presentation by Prof. Brunella Antomarini (John Cabot University). Exterior looped projection onto the theater building of “Ferragosto”, 2013; interior screenings of “Velodrome”, 2012; “D(z)iga”, 2012; “Resti”, 2014; “Spirit Level”, 2016–17; and “Spazio comune (lavoro in corso)”, 2017, a new work-in-progress based on the tension between the community and the city municipality over the management of the theater (Nuovo Cinema Aquila) in which the film was screened. 

Stanza––ci sono cieli dappertutto, Narni (TR), Italy, April 22, 2017, group exhibit. Gallery screening with presentation by Prof. Brunella Antomarini (John Cabot University) of my past film/video projects including “Velodrome”, 2012; “D(z)iga”, 2012; “Parabola”, 2012; “Ferragosto”, 2013; and “Spirit Level”, 2017. In conjunction with the closing of the exhibit “La Casa e le Stagioni – Casa Ghirri” and the beginning of a new group exhibition project titled “Lessness”.

Presence, Immersion and Location, 14th Biennial Symposium for Arts and Technology at Connecticut College, Hygienic Art Gallery, New London, CT, USA, February 28–March 15, 2014. Exhibited Velodrome, 2012, hd video. Catalog.

Syzygy: 2013 MFA Graduates of the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago, Bridgeport Arts Center, Chicago, IL, USA, June 21–July 19, 2013. Exhibited Velodrome, 2012, hd video; Ferrargosto Video Still I, 2013, plexiglas and Ferrargosto Video Still II, 2013, plexiglas. Co-Curator.

Third Annual Juried Exhibition, DoVA Temporary Gallery at The University of Chicago, IL, USA, February 10–25, 2012. Exhibited Velodrome, 2012, hd video.