PDF version for download, https://marcogferrari.com/mgf-bibliography-master-20220215/

BIBLIOGRAPHY (abridged, 02-15-2022)

SELECTED FILMS by the artist

– (*Forthcoming) Porta Maggiore, 2017-22, high-definition color video, sound, 120 min, Italy. https://marcogferrari.com/work/porta-maggiore/

Spirit Level, 2015–17, high-definition color video, sound, 31:38 min, India. https://marcogferrari.com/work/spirit-level/

Nacelle, 2013-15, high-definition color video,16­-mm b/w and color film digital transfer, sound, 35 min, USA.

Resti, 2014, high definition color video, with music composed by Fransisco Castillo Trigueros, performed by the ensemble Looptail, 11:00 minutes, USA.


Parabola, 2013, high-definition color video, sound,

27 min, Switzerland. https://vimeo.com/marcogferrari/parabola

Ferragosto, 2012–13, high-definition color video, sound, 5:45 min, Italy. https://marcogferrari.com/work/ferragosto/

Skyway, 2013, standard-definition color video, sound, 22:38 min, USA. https://vimeo.com/marcogferrari/skyway

D(z)iga, 2012, high-definition color video, silent, 4:05 min, Switzerland.  https://marcogferrari.com/work/dziga/

Sandro: Figure e Ritratti, 2006, standard-definition color video, sound, 60 minutes, USA/Italy.

Full Circle: a documentary film on sculptor Virginio Ferrari, 1999-2004, standard-definition color video, sound, 140 min, USA/Italy.

Qui si può passare, 2002, standard-definition color video, sound, 20 minutes, Italy.

Full Circle (short), 2000, standard-definition color video, sound, 10 minutes, USA/Italy.


SELECTED ALBUMS by the artist


Threshold, an 11 song electro-acoustic solo album written and performed by Marco G. Ferrari, produced by Frank Orrall of Platetectonic Music & Marco G. Ferrari, mastered by Noah Scot Snyder, Chicago, IL, US, 2016. With special guest musicians: Frank Orrall, Bruce Hughes, Inger Peterson Carle, Rick Gehrenbeck, John Nelson, and Ted Cho.




– “D-tonatoras,” 2017–18, high-definition color video, sound, 5:26 min, Italy. Music video for Yva & The Toy George featuring La Terrorista Del Sabor. Marco G. Ferrari–Director, Co-Producer, Cinematographer & Editor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f49VZCl_9uY



– Poi Dog Pondering. Poi Dog Pondering: Live at Metro Chicago, December 2–3, 2011. Two-disc DVD set. Featuring recorded video projections by Marco G. Ferrari. Chicago, IL: Platetectonic Music, 2012. http://www.platetectonicmusic.com/new-products/dvd-live-at-metro-poi-dog-pondering



– “Perfect Music”, 2008, standard-definition color video, sound, 3:18 min, USA. Music video for Poi Dog Pondering. Platetectonic Records. Marco G. Ferrari–Director, Cinematographer & Editor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MdcsmSPojo



– Poi Dog Pondering. Poi Dog Pondering: AudioVisivo. Two-disc DVD set, containing a 60 minute documentary film and “Simple Song” music video for the musical group Poi Dog Pondering. Directed and Co-Produced by Marco G. Ferrari. Chicago, IL: Premonition Records, 2004. http://www.platetectonicmusic.com/new-products/e1hefpwrq7dpwn3mbsbdwqyvrcvpci


SELECTED TEXTS & BOOKS by the artist


Ferrari, Virginio and Marco G. Ferrari, eds. Virginio Ferrari: Full Circle 1957–2015, 600-page monograph art-book. With an introduction and interview by Arturo Carlo Quintavalle. Chicago, IL: Ferrari Studios/Fervir Inc., October 2017. https://virginioferrari.com/monograph/



– Ferrari, Marco G., ed. Virginio Ferrari Public Monumental Sculptures, brochure. Chicago: Fervir Inc., 2004.



– Ferrari, Virginio and Giorgio Cortenova, ed. Virginio Ferrari: Ombre della sera 1959–2003, solo exhibition catalog, by Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea–Palazzo Forti. With the assitance of contributing editor, photographer and writer, Marco G. Ferrari, including texts “Full Circle” (Italian synopsis) and “Biografia” (Italian) text with translation by Elisa Ferrari and Fabio Ferrari. Venice: Marsilio Editori, 2003.




–  Harmel, Carol. Considering the Circle, group exhibit catalog. Chicago, IL, USA, 2019.

–  Batoni, Paolo and Associazione Culturale Blob Art. Premio Combat 2018 Prize–Ninth Edition, group exhibit catalog, p. 96. Livorno, Italy: Sillabe, 2017.



– Pio Monti Arte Contemporanea. On the Road, group exhibit catalog. Rome, Italy, 2017. Featuring video still of “Surfaces: Grand Crossing” (2015). Texts by Angelo Capasso, Nikla Cingolani e una poesia di Nicola Monti.



– Nazar Foundation and Hajra Ahmad, ed. Delhi Photo Festival 2015: Oct 30–Nov 8; Aspire, group exhibition catalog, p. 234. New Delhi: Nazar Foundation, 2015.



– Sgarbi, Vittorio, and Francesca Valente eds. Lo stato dell’arte: istituti italiani di cultura nel mondo = State of the arts: Italian cultural institutes in the world, group exhibition catalog for the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, p. 168. Milano: Skira, 2011.

– Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago. Sense of Place, exhibition catalog. Chicago: Istituto di Cultura, 2011.



– Bassotto, Enzo, Raffaello Bassotto, Giorgio Ferrari and Mario Maccadanze. Aurora Project:  Progress 2007, group exhibition catalog, pp 79-85. Verona, Italy: Edizioni dell’Aurora, 2007.



– Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea–Palazzo Forti and Giorgio Cortenova, ed. Virginio Ferrari: Ombre della Sera 1959–2003. Venice, Italy: Marsilio Editori, 2003.



– Interzona. Intersezioni 01, group exhibition catalog. Verona, Italy: Interzona, 2003. Includes biographical information. For the exhibition presented at Interzona, Ex Magazzini Generali, Verona, Italy, May 17, 2003. References the sculpture Interlocking, and screening of the film Full Circle, with musical performances by Beppe Grifeo and 8fatfat8.


SELECTED PERIODICALS featuring the artist


– Pisker, Lidija. “Rome’s Accidental Lake Is an Urban Refuge and Catalyst for Activism.” Atlas Obscura, Atlas Obscura, 16 July 2021, https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/rome-lake-ex-snia.
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– L’Arena (Verona, Italy), “Interzona: Prima nazionale per il documentario ‘Full Circle’: Musica da film e da ballo; La dance degli 8FatFat8 dopo il video su Virginio Ferrari,” May 17, 2003. References the film Full Circle.

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SELECTED INTERVIEWS featuring the artist


– “Transfemminonda 3.04 – Dove Potremmo Andare: Una mappa per trovare casa, una conversazione con Echaka Agba e Kristina Valada-Viars”. Radio interview, October 30, 2021. https://radiosonar.net/podcast/transfemminonda-3-04-dove-potremmo-andare/



– “Dana Linssen in conversation with Marco G. Ferrari: Rigenera Roma”.  Internationale Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen, Germany, April, 2020. https://vimeo.com/405768250



Parlare d’arte al Pigneto. Directed by Jo Amodio. Rome, Italy: 2019. Feature documentary film that includes an interview with Marco G. Ferrari.