It is an attentiveness to my subjective experience, the meanings that I form upon entering a place and the historical record that I confront, which I want to use as points of tension within my work. This attempt can be seen in the video footage of the ‘Concordia’ shipwreck.

I was aware of my implications as a filmmaker going to the Mediterranean Island of Giglio, where tourists travel for vacation and in 2012 to also photograph the remains of a tragic ‘global’ event. To me the lodged shipwreck along the coast in front of people who continue their vacations symbolized many social and political tensions currently present in Italy. On a more universal level, I wanted to comment on the excessive need we have to image making and the contradiction of my documenting this activity.

Sway: 2013 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition; Ferrari, Somers & Harris-Trevor, Logan Center for the Arts Gallery & Screening Room, The University of Chicago, IL, USA, May 18–26, 2013 (group exhibit). Exhibited Attraction, 2012; D(z)iga, 2012; Ferragosto, 2012–13; Skyway, 2012–13; and Parabola, 2013. | installation:

Marco G. Ferrari, Aspect/Ratio Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA, March 13–April 18, 2015 (solo exhibit). Exhibited Resti, 2014; Ferragosto, 2012–13; and Peer, 2014. 

– Looking Askance, Gallery SKE and The University of Chicago Delhi Center, New Delhi, India, October 18–November 10, 2015, curated by Laura Letinsky (group exhibit). Artists include: Matthew Connors, Valerie Snobeck, Daniel Traub, Anna Elise Johnson, Marco G. Ferrari, Danielle Rosen, and Jayson M. Kellogg. | installation:

– L’alterità e il paesaggio: i film sperimentali di Marco G. Ferrari, Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome, Italy, May 30, 2017 (solo exhibit). Exhibited Ferragosto, 2012–13; Velodrome, 2012; D(z)iga, 2012–13; Resti, 2014; Skyway, 2013; Spirit Level, 2016–17; Spazio comune (work in progress), 2017. 

Stanza––ci sono cieli dappertutto, Narni (TR), Italy, April 22, 2017 (group exhibit). Gallery screening with presentation by Prof. Brunella Antomarini (John Cabot University). Screened “Velodrome”, 2012; “D(z)iga”, 2012; “Parabola”, 2012; “Ferragosto”, 2013; and “Spirit Level”, 2017. In conjunction with the closing of the exhibit “La Casa e le Stagioni – Casa Ghirri” and the beginning of a new group exhibition project titled “Lessness”.