Featuring works by Marco G. Ferrari, Paul Somers, and Stephanie Anne Harris Trevor

Reception Friday, May 24, 6 Pm
Exhibition May 18-26, 2013
Logan Center: Gallery, Gidwitz Lobby, glass gallery entrance (during closed hours), and Logan Screening Room

The 2013 Master of Fine Arts Thesis exhibitions – of which Sway is the fourth and final – take place in the Logan Center Gallery and throughout the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts at the University of Chicago. The works of these artists encompass a wide array of artistic positions while sharing a keen engagement in contemporary culture and history.

The Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago is committed to advancing theory and practice as a unified and sustainable investigation. Located within an internationally recognized research institution, the department fosters both multi-disciplinary and focused visual studies that engage our contemporary world with meaningful questions. History, social thought, philosophy, and aesthetics in and outside the field of artistic practice are important to artists. We work to investigate the world as it is, and imagine the world as it could be.

For more information about the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago visit dova.uchicago.edu or contact Alison LaTendresse, DOVA Associate Director of Programs and Student Affairs: alatendr@uchicago.edu. For more information about the artists and upcoming MFA exhibitions, please continue to check the Logan Center Exhibitions website.

Logan Center Gallery
Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts
915 E. 60th Street, Chicago, IL, 60637

TUE–SAT 9 am–9 pm
SUN 11 am–9 pm
MON closed

Marco G. Ferrari’s projection on the gallery door will be viewable while the gallery is closed. Screenings of Skyway and Parabola in Logan Screening Room 201:
Sunday, May 19, 2-6 pm
Monday, May 20, 9 am-noon
Wednesday, May 22, 9-11 am
Thursday, May 23, 6-10 pm
Friday, May 24, 4 – 8 pm (during reception)

Skyway and Parabola are two films that use landscape as a central character to sculpt an elliptical experience of place and time through disruptions and displacements of moving images and sound. Skyway is projected into three frames from which perspectives join and break, moving between built and abandoned structures in the industrial and residential area of East Chicago. Cutting between expansive high definition images and abstracted close-ups, Parabola follows the ascent and decent of the natural terrain and tourist infrastructures within three places in the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland. Both films will run consecutively and begin at the top of the hour. Free and open to the public, come and go as you like.

Work Exhibited
Small Gallery
– Attraction: Installation II, 2012–13, two-channel SD color video, silent, 16 minutes, continuous projection, steel sheets, sandbags, Marco G. Ferrari. | projected film: https://marcogferrari.com/work/attraction/ | installation:  https://marcogferrari.com/work/attraction-installation-ii/

Glass Gallery Entrance (during closed hours)
– D(z)iga: Installation I, 2012, HD color video, no sound, 4 minutes, continuous projection, film adhesive, Marco G. Ferrari. | projected film: https://marcogferrari.com/work/dziga/ | installation: https://marcogferrari.com/work/dziga-installation-i/

Cafe Logan
– Ferragosto: Installation I, 2012–13, HD color video, sound, 6 minutes, continuous play, monitor, Marco G. Ferrari. | displayed film: https://marcogferrari.com/work/ferragosto/ | installation: https://marcogferrari.com/work/ferragosto-installation-i/ 

Logan Screening Room 201
– Skyway, 2012, three-channel SD color video, sound, 23 minutes, Marco G. Ferrari. https://marcogferrari.com/work/skyway/
– Parabola, 2012–13, HD video, sound, 27 minutes, Marco G. Ferrari. https://marcogferrari.com/work/parabola/

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