Resti is part of a series of pieces based on an ongoing collaboration with composer Francisco Castillo Trigueros. Throughout the years, as water levels dropped in Lake Michigan, a shipwreck off the Chicago lakefront (Pebble beach, 49th street) was slowly revealed. I started to capture this object during the winters, as the conditions around it changed. This was the start of a process to discover a second film that is part of Triptych tied to Chicago’s landscapes. 

Resti contains digital superimpositions as I push and pull the horizon line, where the image seems fixed yet is in constant motion. The documentary material (recorded over the span of two winters), is reduced to a sequence of visual fragments. Francisco Castillo Trigueros’s austere progressions of sparse and diffused sound cling to the images like ice hanging from the ship’s skeleton; fragile, ephemeral. 

The collaborative process with Francisco proposed a new process of image assembly for me as I didn’t have a soundtrack to reference rather I arranged the images to a visual composition that he provided. I knew only when there were breaks or different intensities and textures in the sound. Later, during a live projection performance by the Amsterdam based ensemble, Looptail, a recording was made and image and sound were joined.

Screened Work

Resti, 2014, high-definition color video, sound, 11:00 minutes, USA, Marco G. Ferrari (collaboration, film). Music composed by Francisco Castillo Trigueros performed by the ensemble Looptail.