D(z)iga is one continuous extreme wide shot of the Contra Dam, the second largest dam in Switzerland located on the Verzasca River in Ticino. It became a popular location after a James Bond stuntman jumped off it in the opening scene of the 1995 film GoldenEye. The title is a play on the word “diga” which means dam in Italian and a salute to the Russian documentary filmmaker and cinema theorist Dziga Vertov.

If the viewer remains attentive to the image, at a certain point a bungee jumper is seen falling through the frame. As time passes the figure reappears suspended in mid-air and is lifted in and out of the frame. Through framing, I allowed for time and an action to unfold. What was revealed is a symbolic figure where the convergence of natural and built environments bind a body’s placement within them. The figure is disorientated, falling and then pulled against the immense backdrop of a structure that enforces our will over nature, which is now being re-used as a source of accepted entertainment.

Sway: 2013 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition; Ferrari, Somers & Harris-Trevor, Logan Center for the Arts Gallery & Screening Room, The University of Chicago, IL, USA, May 18–26, 2013 (group exhibit). | installation:

Nacelle: a video art exhibition by Marco G. Ferrari, Blanc Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, USA, February 28-May 1, 2015 (solo exhibit). | installation:

– L’alterità e il paesaggio: i film sperimentali di Marco G. Ferrari, Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome, Italy, May 30, 2017 (solo exhibit). Exhibited Ferragosto, 2012–13; Velodrome, 2012; D(z)iga, 2012–13; Resti, 2014; Skyway, 2013; Spirit Level, 2016–17; Spazio comune (work in progress), 2017.

Stanza––ci sono cieli dappertutto, Narni (TR), Italy, April 22, 2017, group exhibit. Gallery screening with presentation by Prof. Brunella Antomarini (John Cabot University). Screened “Velodrome”, 2012; “D(z)iga”, 2012; “Parabola”, 2012; “Ferragosto”, 2013; and “Spirit Level”, 2017. In conjunction with the closing of the exhibit “La Casa e le Stagioni – Casa Ghirri” and the beginning of a new group exhibition project titled “Lessness”.