A public event that presents visual contributions made by the artists involved in the research on “Inatteso a Roma Est.” The event is structured into talks, debates, and materials’ expositions (photos, videos, maps, drawings), with the participation of the involved artists, Stalker / NoWorking, and recipients of Academia’s scholarship. A presentation of The Project “Porta Maggiore” by Marco G. Ferrari will be exhibited as it is  integrated into the visual mapping of the Eastern Rome context.

L’Inatteso a Roma Est is a project of public engagement between artistic research and urban and social exploration with which Stalker / NoWorking started the creation of the Atlas of L’Inatteso a Roma Est. The Atlas is an imaginative, mobile, and relational device. It is a loom on which to spin a fabric, through explorations and meetings, whose many folds converge at Porta Maggiore. These are then carried out by young artists, both Romans and foreigners, who, similarly to “shuttles,” slip between the layers of East Rome to discover unexpected places and paths. The Atlas consists of public and shared actions that weave together memories and imaginaries, made by different generational and cultural perspectives, but also local viewpoints with their baggage of immigrant and foreign struggles, and intimate gazes that actively participate in those worlds and cultures that continue to redesign the dynamic geographies of East Rome.

L’Inatteso a Roma Est was realized with Sara Alberani, Torun Bepari, Lorenzo Bottiglieri, Lyric Dela Cruz, Giulia Fiocca, Marco G. Ferrari, Mohamed Keita, Morteza Khaleghi, Mohammad Khavari, Zahra Kian, Franky Kuete, Chiara Mangia, Lorenzo Romito.

In collaboration with: Forum Territoriale del Parco delle Energie, Centro Culturale Giorgio Morandi, Real Academia de España en Roma, Castro Project, AlbumArte, MACRO Asilo, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Azienda Speciale Palaexpò. The initiative is part of the Contemporaneamente Roma program Autumn 2019, promoted by Roma Capitale – Department of Cultural Growth and made in collaboration with SIAE. The initiative is part of Artists at Risk (AR): A European Network of Safe Havens, a co-financed program by Creative Europe.

Proiezioni notturne estranee n. 2, 3 e 4 (scene per Porta Maggiore) by Marco G. Ferrari:
Porta Maggiore is a semi-documentary film by artist Marco G. Ferrari, which explores the process of individuation and its reflection within the natural and artificial environments of East Rome. Told through lens of a fable, the project follows a director’s search for a story while he researches film locations in the Roman suburban periphery. As he travels towards the final location, historical and social stories embedded within the area are confronted, forcing recurring personal struggles to come to the surface—putting into question the limits of his craft, his identity as director and the nature of transformation.

The production of the film includes environmental installations of fourteen nighttime outdoor projections that are open to the public, which will be recorded and used as scenes for the film. Each video projection is different, representing the director’s dream, and focuses on images of organic forms that try to have a dialogue with the location.

This installation is re-projecting Meduse (n. 2), realized for Lago Bullicante Ex Snia; Delfini (n. 3) realized for Via Mandrione; and Stella, polipo, anemone, pagliaccio (n. 4) realized for Centro Morandi (Tor Sapienza) to explore a new dialogue with the architecture of the Royal Academy of Spain, with the support of Csoa Ex Snia, Forum Territoriale del Parco delle Energie and Comitato del Quartiere Pigneto-Prenestino.




Presentazione Finale “Atlante Dell’inatteso A Roma Est”, Real Academia de España en Roma, Italy, December 18, 2019, 6:00pm-8:30pm, group exhibit, curated by Stalker / NoWorking. Included: “Proiezioni notturne estranee n. 2, 3 e 4 (scene per Porta Maggiore)”, 2019, single-channel, hd projector, silent, cloister, image 15 x 20 x 5 m, 120 min, continuous loop, Real Academia de España en Roma, projection, Marco G. Ferrari (personal work)—projected “Delfini (per una scena di Porta Maggiore)”, 2019, hd video, color, silent, 24:25 min, Italy, Marco G. Ferrari (personal work), video for projection; “Meduse (per una scena di Porta Maggiore)”, 2019, hd video, color, silent, 8:49 min, Italy, Marco G. Ferrari (personal work), video for projection; “Stella, polipo, anemone e pagliaccio (per una scena di Porta Maggiore)”, 2019, hd video, color, silent, 11:21 min, Italy, Marco G. Ferrari (personal work), video for projection. https://marcogferrari.com/exhibition/presentazione-finale-atlante-dellinatteso-a-roma-est/;