Surfaces: An Outdoor Video Projection in the Grand Crossing Neighborhood by Marco G. Ferrari
In Conjunction with an open house event at Black Cinema House

Sunday, June 21, 2015
8:00pm 11:00pm

Times and Locations
8pm – 9pm,
Open house at Black Cinema House, 7200 S. Kimbark, featuring cuisine by Chef Kristopher Murray. Meet Black Cinema House Advisory Committee Members and Rebuild Foundation staff during an informal open house event. Chef Murray will also discuss his collaboration with film fellow Marco Ferrari and their project Food & Art as Medicine as elements of the film Surfaces will be screened.

9pm – 11pm, Surfaces: An Outdoor Video Projection, continuous digital video loop on the Saint Laurence School building, 1392 E. 72nd (corner of E. 72nd & S. Dorchester, one block east of Black Cinema House)

Marco G. Ferrari, resident Film Fellow at Black Cinema House, is a local filmmaker who believes that art can connect us to our environment. The culmination of his fellowship is SURFACES, a film project about the Greater Grand Crossing area made up of images crafted by Ferrari and inspired by workshop participants, with the assistance of local filmmakers Joshua Jackson and Jabari Gross. He will project Surfaces: Grand Crossing I onto the abandoned Saint Laurence School building (72nd & S. Dorchester) at sunset on June 21st (Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice) where it will run continuously until 11pm. This will be a free event highlighting the idea of Art as Medicine with cuisine provided by Chef Kristopher Murray. The projection event will coincide with an open house screening of Surfaces: Grand Crossing II at the Black Cinema House located just down the street at 7200 S. Kimbark.

SURFACES is about our relationship to place and time. A moment when we can gather and talk about the positive and negative changes within the community underneath larger-than-life videos of the people and landscape of Greater Grand Crossing. Ferrari wants to highlight how we treat/value property versus how we treat/value ourselves and show signs of change through a community based media project. After decades of neglect Chicago’s South Side is getting some attention. But of what sort, and what does it mean?

A special thanks to the people of the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood, Rebuild Foundation and the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events for their support of the project.

Film Participants
Godfried Annansey; Derrick B—?; Nathaniel Bowdry; Cinstance; Avion Duncan; Martinze Duncan; Kevin Flowers; Timothy Franklin; Oswald Garbutt; Ameera Green; Amon Green; Thomas Harris; Derriona Jiles; Fatimah Malone; De Becton Mason; Khalilah Mawson; Yolanda Phillips; Edward Purcell; Demetrius Redd; Juinus Scott; Donnie Smith; Willie Sam Smith; Jeremiah Sykes; John Westbrook; Frank Willams; Traeyvon Young

Workshop Participants
Alexandra Antoine; Elle; Zaneta Clarke; Joshua Jackson; Jabari Gross; James O. Gross; Karen Gross; Fatimah Malone; Edgar Tostado

Misc. Documentation
– Projected Surfaces: Grand Crossing I, 2015, high definition color video, sound, 45:00 min.
– Projected Surfaces: Grand Crossing II, 2015, high definition color video, sound, 6:41 min.

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