The Chicago Architecture Biennial (CAB,,) is taking place at different venues and locations all over Chicago from October through January. Rebuild Foundation’s new Stony Island Arts Bank ( is opening in October and Black Cinema House will have a place there for screenings and workshops. Rebuild has teamed up with CAB and is working with these concepts to connect with art programming: October-public space; November-everyday design; and December-housing. I would like to use these themes as prompts to guide our improvised audiovisual performance. Poetically reflecting an emotion of a dream state, a body or its point of view moving through space and time. I would like to evoke the human desire to  move outside our current reality, aware of a history/memory while desiring to be move beyond.

I will draw from my recent video material filmed in the Grand Crossing neighborhood and this will help localize the narrative. George Schaffer, will draw from the re-use of discarded 16mm material of documentaries (i.e. Egyptian ruins) and home movies. He and I will improvise superimposing our work. I am interested in seeing how these two materials and our interaction can add a new layer and approach to what we created this past spring. 

a note on The Turbine/Bridge:

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